The Vermont we can build together!

Together we can build a Vermont for all of us. **Other important issues will be added soon.

Bold Climate Action

We can have a Green Mountain New Deal here in Vermont. All across the state, country and world, we have seen our children standing up as leaders, begging us to implement the policies necessary to leave the earth for them and their children.

We must prioritize:

1. Renewable energy with storage

2. Transform our transportation system

3. Introduce comprehensive weatherization initiatives

4. Much More

Change must happen in every town, county, state, and across the country if we wish to combat this crisis. We know that climate change is impacting the most marginalized folks across our state in a disproportionate way. It is important to give young people the platform and microphone with which to build on the movement that they have created. It is their future we are fighting for.

Build a Bottom-Up Economy

We need our elected leaders to understand how to 'build better', and build from the bottom up. Creative economic structure is essential to moving from a crisis to a strong and stable economy. Brenda's work of building a long-term economic driver following Tropical Storm Irene will be essential to what is next. (see Brenda's work in crisis recovery on the 'Meet Brenda page'.

We must pass and sign equitable and strong legislation to ensure not only that people can survive in our state, but that they can thrive.

We can:

1. Build a Green Economy.

2. Connect the resources that exist in the state to build a vibrant economy in our rural communities.

3. Liveable Wage

4. Paid Family and Medical Leave

5. Universal Health Care

6. Homes Guarantee (i.e. Housing First Model)

7. Structural change to address racial and economic systemic bias

8. Much More

We have to move to a liveable wage and an equitable Paid Family and Medical Leave program. We must invite in and welcome immigrant and black and brown communities, and that includes addressing the systemic racism present in the current structure. All legislation should pass through a justice lens and ensure that it does not cause harm to marginalized communities. We know that wealth does not trickle down and that, in fact, poverty trickles up. We need to build a green economy and additionally invest in industries that already exist in our state such as the arts, agriculture, and recreation. We know that we need people to have purchasing power if we want our small businesses, especially in our rural communities to survive. Vermont needs a vibrant economic opportunity strategy that acknowledges the unique challenges of rural communities. Rural Vermonters have real difficulty finding high-wage jobs in our regions, and difficulty accessing affordable child care options. When our state works to recognize the needs of all Vermonters, rural and urban, we all do better. We need thriving communities not only in Chittenden and Washington Counties, but also in small rural towns from the Northeast Kingdom to the Islands and Southern Vermont.

Heal the Overdose Crisis

My nephew died of a heroin overdose on March 8th of 2018, he was the son of my brother, who died 23 years ago also while using heroin. What I know is that the system failed them as it has so many others.

We need to focus on :

1. Harm reduction first

2. Treatment and recovery on demand, including medically-assisted treatment on demand

3. Dual diagnosis support

4. Criminal justice reform

I have traveled across the state and country for the last two years, meeting with states attorneys, police chiefs, people in active use, folks in recovery, and family members who have lost loved ones. I have participated in direct action, lobbying in DC, as well as home in Vermont, working groups to put forth legislation now being worked on in the legislature in Vermont, and working with our federal delegation to ensure that they have the strongest position possible. In 2018, I released a four-part plan to heal the overdose crisis, and I am continuing today to push forward this comprehensive plan based on solutions that will stop us from burying our children in what amounts to mass graves across our country.

Support and Strengthen Our Education System

I grew up in Brattleboro and graduated from Brattleboro Union High School. I received the quality education available in Vermont. What we need to do is support, promote and strengthen our already strong public schools, not undermining them. Today there are cracks, we need to fix them, not pull them farther apart.

To do this we must:

1.Increase broadband across the state

2. Create equity in education settings

3. Change our funding structure for education

4. Implement the now-passed Ethnic Studies Standard

5. Pass and implement Universal Meals In Vermont

6. Centralize services Closer to Schools

7. Create community schools

8. Ensure crisis education plans across the state that make sense for students, districts and teachers