A Vermont for All of Us

Brenda is a local and statewide force. She is Chair of the Newfane Democratic Committee & Delegate Windham County Democratic Committee who works with grassroots powerhouses like Raise the Wage, Rights & Democracy, and The Putney Huddle.

Vermont needs leaders who prioritize taking bold climate action, building a bottom up economy, putting real resources into healing the opioid epidemic and supporting and strengthening our education system. Inspired by her career and experience facing adversity, Brenda is ready to bring vision, leadership, and courage to benefit our families the economy and the future for our children.

As Lieutenant Governor, Brenda will bring the people to the People's House. Together we can ensure that all of us have a seat at the table.

Join us to usher in a new era in Vermont politics where all of us have a voice and all our voices are heard. Together we can build a movement and create a Vermont For All of Us