Let’s do this together.


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Join us! This IS going to be a tough fight and Vermonters are worth fighting for. When we come together we can win. Let's start today to fight for a stronger future for ALL Vermonters.

Housing All Vermonters

In order to solve our housing crisis, we must create a plan that meets need. It must address from those experiencing homelessness to middle income families.

Emergency housing
Transitional housing
Permanent housing
Including the rental market & home ownership
Address Zoning & Systemic Barriers

Heal The Overdose Crisis

We can not keep trying to solve this crisis in way that we know do not work. When our family members die, we do not get them back.

Harm Reduction First.
Treatment & Recovery on Demand
Medically Assisted Treatment On Demand
Dual Diagnosis Support
Criminal Justice Reform

Bold Climate Action

We have an obligation to leave a better future for our children & care better for the Vermont we all love so much.

Invest In Green Jobs
Transform Our Transportation System
Green Infrastructure
Ensure That We Reach All Populations With Our Solutions

Build A Bottom Up Economy

We must address inequity and center the most marginalized & front line Vermonters.

Support and strengthen our education system.
Address systemic barriers to the advancement of those most impacted by those barriers.
Look toward strategic investments in the future of our state.

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Brenda has spent her life as an advocate, an educator, a small business owner and a single mom. Like many Vermonters, she knows what it is like to see the promise of opportunity slip away. What Brenda knows is that while we are all experiencing the COVID crisis. There was already a Housing Crisis. There was already an Opioid Crisis. There was already a Climate Crisis. The State Employees and Teachers across this state have lived with a constant threat to their livelihood for the past six years. They are the heroes of our time and they need us to do better. Vermonters are struggling and need us to do more.

Brenda has a strong track record of working along side people from all parties to make major changes and winning. That is why she knows that when we come together there is nothing that we can't do. Join us to create a Vermont That Works For All Of Us!

Let's do this together.

We know that when we come together we can win. But we will need every one of us in this fight. Join us?