Covid 19 Round Table: Vermont

Monday March 23rd, 5pm-7pm

Community efforts have popped up all over the state. We will sit down with folks heading up or participating in many of those efforts and discuss the work being done in addition to resources that are out there. As well as do our best to answer any questions that have come up on these issues or that come up during our discussion.

Tanya Vyhovsky: Tanya is the organizer of the Essex Mutual Aid in Chittenden County and candidate for State Rep in Chittenden 8-1. She will talk about how to set up a mutual aid and what she has seen so far.

Katy Edmund: Katy is a lifelong Vermonter, High school Teacher and mom of two young children. She will share with us some homeschooling ideas that she has been trying and more.

Teddy Waszazak: Teddy is a city councilor in Barre City and will talk to us about what is happening in his community and what needs to happen.

Jubilee McGill: Jubilee is the organizer of Addison County Mutual Aid. Jubilee works at a shelter and is on staff at Rights and Democracy. Jubilee will talk about her effort in Addison county.

Ashley Andreas: Ashley is an activist leader. She is also working from home and homeschooling her own child as well as three other children and will be talking about working from home, homeschooling and what is happening in Windsor County.

To join click this link at tonight (3/23 5pm -7pm)

Please share with us any questions that you have in advance here.